Regular Classroom Course

The Regular Classroom Course have been very heartening and bear testimony to giving the best possible guidance and learning environment to its students.


Expert Teachers

Our teachers have become experts at understanding the developmental characteristics and needs of student at the grade level they are teaching.


Distance Learning

If you cannot attend a course at one of our institutes, then enroll in the distance learning program. covering all aspects of intellectual courses.


Study Material

Instructs the student to follow step by step certain instructions to not only solve the questions but also to define strategy to solve quickly and accurately.


Welcome to Samarpan Career Institute

Samarpan Career Institute is a premier institute preparing young aspirants for IIT-JEE (JEE Advance), JEE Mains, NTSE, KVPY and various Olympiads.
We request your goodself to kindly spare some time for career counseling to the aspirants of above courses in school premises so our experts can guide them for better career options.
Samarpan Career Institute has been maintaining its impressive results since its inception. Our faculties know how to shape and tune the minds of the students by leaving an indelible impression of “innovative technique”. We help our students to realize their dormant potentials.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe in providing the highest quality of education in coaching the students for competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE (JEE Advance), JEE Mains, NTSE, KVPY and various Olympiads.

We are determined to make learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable for the student by using innovative methods of teaching and integrated approach of learning.

The mission of the Samarpan Career Institute is to make quality education affordable and accessible to community, to provide leadership in workforce training and support the economic development of the region.

Our Goals are

    • To provide access to education without the limits of time,place and distance.
    • To provide career programs that meet the needs of students.
    • To provide opportunities for personal growth and cultural enrichment.
    • To deliver support programs to help students achieve their goals
Regular Improvement through Periodic Tests

Regular Improvement through Periodic Tests

Periodic tests increases speed, accuracy and develops skills to translate knowledge into performance. Detailed performance analysis through
A to Z feedback technology is provided to each student for personalized and relative feedback. Samarpan organize various kind of test papers such as:

  • Minor Tests
  • Random Tests
  • Board Pattern Test
  • Revision Tests
  • Daily Test Series
Problem Solving Counter by Experts

Problem Solving Counter by Experts

To give personal attention to each student even outside the classrooms.Our main faculty members regularly remain available to problem solving counters. Students can clarify their individual problems and doubts in the one to one interaction mode.

Motivation by Seminars and Test Awards

Motivation by Seminars and Test Awards

Regular motivational and academic seminars are part of Samarpan course curriculum. The academic team jointly with student welfare cell conducts these sessions.
Academic seminars focused on various issues related to preparation cycle for competitive examinations, study skills, smart hard work, logical thinking, test paper attempting strategy and confidence building.
Students are motivated to achieve their goal through audio-visual clippings and various inspirational examples.


Latest Motivational Seminar by Poonia Sir